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tissue which forms its walls. These peculiarities consist
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the diseases we are he*re called on to treat. It is occasionally the
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Its effect ought seldom if ever to be rendered so profound, or
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This includes the principles and doctrines of Hygienics, a portion
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to say, that general excitement produces exactly the reverse condi-
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agreeable and soon painful effects on the stomach, as I have seen
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usually increases very much as the disease progresses.
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muscles, the subclavian always rests upon the pleura. The artery has nev-
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guilty. The fact that by his attainments, he had once occupied a
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worthy of our formal consideration. For this reason, and because
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glion, and the animal gradually lost its heat, and died in ten
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ing that they are not very desirous to repeat the experience of
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cerebro-spinal (third and fourth sacral nerves) and sympathetic.
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finger. The sac of this cyst was not distended with fluid, and by
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ordinary way, or strength to digest it. I have seen a few
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the condition which produces it. But we, of the South, are in the
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Now let us see the beautiful uniformity of correspondence
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cific remedy in epilepsy ? I am compelled to answer, No ! And
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passed my left hand into the uterus. I attempted to raise the
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Society, asking that the time for holding the meetings of the Associa-
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which the experiment has been tested, show that both in different localities,
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relieves by its action on the nerves of the general system all sense of pain.
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of juniper, coriander seed, orris root, elder flowers, acetic ether,
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For more than a quarter of a century it has been known