nmi. of mercury. Other symptoms are: Hyperaesthesias, pains in the lum-
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auricular valves to ojien. Here a^'ain. then, the ventriele is a clo.sed cavit.v.
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one always hopes, by a still further removal, by washing out, of the material
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li.aitlM'al ; linn (iiiallv \M' may |ii(ircci| to f\aiiiim- I'm- liatiiic iff lli«'
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favorable termination of chronic parenchymatous nephritis life may be
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is small and the total iodine much less than that of normal thyroids, e, g.,
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,,!• creiialc when the ivvi'i-sc .•oiiditioiis oMaiii. .Miiiiy aniiiuil and veu'
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may be the most troublesome feature of the disease, and may recur after
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IM.. 140 ■!>- ■> ia.i.... .urv.- „f l,„„,anM„„,l. „,,ose,l ,„ 0. ;,, ,0. 40 an.l 00 „,„. CO.. Or.ln.a,. ,
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man aged sixty-six years. The subsequent course disproved malignancy.
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nognosis. — ^This depends on the conditions surrounding the especial
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seer,.|,„M of water and inor-anie salts, an,) the latt.'r with the seer..tioM
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John Shaw, Esq. Surgeon to the Northern Dispensary, and
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case. In one of these cases (Dercum and McCarthy), presenting a typical
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tumors, while others dbappear, causing the muscles to undergo fibrous
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•^''"■'^ ''''^ ' ""■ "■■"•'"- ""■ •■^•■"•' '" nt ;,I ul,i,.l, ,|,„ I,..,,, ,.„„„|.
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tllf tllir,| .111,1 I',, II I 111 ,i,-|\s ,,t' S|;i| \;,|i,,|| III;, II ,,,! ,j:,, lii-s, ;|,|,| s,.,.,,,|,|
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elimiiiMtecl throii'^'li the luniis. 'I'his elimination does not stop wlicii tin
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starch: (.'{) by .softeninjr the mass id" foo<l so that it is more readil
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amounts uhich disappear in e<pi;ii intervals of time after death are the
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outlet valve in tlieir li"lmels so as to (ill their suits witli air, which ear-
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some time or other, and may precede the development of the fatty nodules.
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liio neck. This lies iininedintely ali'ive the inner end ul' llie clavicle.
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with negative results. Of Reed's' 8 cases, 1 died of miliary tuberculosis.
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is niidonl.tedjy safe to fo||o.\ Uayliss's advice to lake care of the cah..
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of the sternum; the chest sunken toward the pelvis, the abdomen pendulous;
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the uavrs. so that several ,.f tluvs. are always svvn on the ston.aeh ai
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\',..i-. -Jl:;., Iiiilii,.|i..,. ..f (limitv ..n ili,. ('ii,iil:,ii,.ii. -Jll.
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appears as a terminal infection in severe lesions elsewhere, our inability to
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the disease may take from several months to ten years to develop. Sharp
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it was over seventy years ago. Although many factors have been brought