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however plausible or valuable they may be in their proper places,
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(Figs. 1 and 2). It has been our experience that intrathoracic goitre
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like a pair of Tefiicles , do appear. When they are
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Medical journalism here was practically unknown, for we have
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about eleven days and thus hold them together mechanically up to that
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fafhion ; the outer leaves of fuch a red color, and
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ates the natural Powers, gives relief in Pleurifies,
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out of the whole eighty only seven were not benefitted by
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Cy tifus, and that the Seed is like to that of Galeea
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peculiar course of the temperature, moreover, even in the ex-
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type is distinguished from a substernal goitre which is usually a
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Tear falls out to be very mild, and then it is fmall
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metrial transmutation essential to deciduation, the subtle biotactic
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the mental change is usually for the worse, anil along with the
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not appear until the middle or end of October, when
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mid-dorsal segments, in cases in which the gastric crises represented
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nerve is composed of two kinds of fibres: large numbers of thin
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Shortnefs of Breath and Difficulty of Breathing, ex-
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pieum ; and mBnghJh, Foret n of Outlandijh Bijhops-
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quick, feeble pulse, the single fact that the patient has been
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pulse was 102 ; respirations, thirty ; temperature, 101°
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such cases are exceptional. I advise you to adopt a course which
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