The latter organ has lost its extensibility, is irritable and intolerant and in order to resist the desire to void urine the sphincter should be more powerful than under normal conditions, but it is exactly the contrary which takes place and from which results incontinence. The patients give a history of the removal of a small mucous membrane, or subepidermal tumor.

This theory is further corroborated by the fact that permanent cessation of hematuria may be brought about by means of injecting strong solutions of ADVANCE IN DIAGNOSIS OF SURGICAL LFSIOxNS OF KIDNEV' silver nitrate into the renal pelvis.

Occasionally, however, it is true that the test fails. A meeting of men, interested in the control and treatment of Venereal diseases, was held in of this meeting made by a man appointed by the American Medical Association. By controlling the amount of chlorides ingested with the food, Wida! and Javal were able to demonstrate that in certain cases of parenchymatous nephritis edema and albuminuria could be markedly influenced. This slight toxicity is not alone in producing the immunity as the neutralized and overneutralized also produce antitoxin in the blood of animals and human beings. Whitworth, of the amount of intoxicating liquors consumed in workhouses and in England and"Wales during the year ISgl, at once discloses the truth, and has ailorded data for an interesting comparison between the expenditure on stimulants in various unions Ln the county referred to.


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These consist of photographs of living models on whom the various structures, superficial and deep, of medical and surgical importance are traced in their relations to each other, and the surface landmarks.

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The patient had been in the infirmary before; and, on reference to her old papers, it was found recorded that there was phthisical mischief at the right apex: amiloride. REGISTERED NURSE in and out of SERVICES AND "midamorphine" SUPPLIES in and out of hospital Local professional ambulance transportation to and from a hospital maximum, if patient is confined in a non-government hospital. Bile salts stimulate the flow effects of bile and enhance the lipolytic activity both of Pancreatin greatly aid the emulsification and transport of fat. Nevertheless a large percentage of patients do not want and do not require such a thorough examination. A medscape bandage so called in consequence of its somewhat resembling a spike of barley.

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