which is taken internally and applied to the wound.
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cancerous cachexia, that a correct diagnosis was formed in the
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well be imagined. In the case referred to the patient was attacked when
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to its production. When the paroxysms recur frequentl}^, and are gene-
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this way attention to this sign is of practical value.
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increases also the solid constituents of the urine.
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retrospect, no work left undone, no duty neglected; he, therefore,
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tained have reference to the quantity of fibrin. In certain diseases the
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cases are still on record, on the books of the hospital. The
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Anatomical Characters. — As the disease, in itself, rarely proves fatal,
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more and more laborious, and during the past night she had an
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their inability to distinguish the one from the other. Robin and others
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During the period of his medical studies, he continued to reside
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and, on his return, at the end of three or four months, had lost
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recovery from scarlatina, albuminuria and general dropsy occur in a cer-
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peared to him to produce the greatest amount of benefit. He
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vanced stage of many cases, especially those occurring in young
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and may be explained on the supposition that enough was absorbed from
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regions, even when uncomplicated with intermittent fever.
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(microsporon audouni) exists, in the same situation, in the affection of the
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Th^rapeutique stated that he had obtained very good results in
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portion of the stomach. It takes place irrespective of obstruction at the
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inspection and palpation, notice of which was deferred in treating of the
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regard to the latter, the character of the patients is to be borne in mind,
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phosphate of ammonia, the ammonia being supposed to combine with the
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in females. It sometimes follows typhus and measles. Intemperance
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The volume is a distinct help to the student, and is a necessary supplement to the
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Next day at 11 o'clock, we had an appointment for an important
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normal frequency, the appetite returns, the strength is increased, and, in
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of this, regarding the gray tubercle as the only truly tuberculous product.
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The introduction of the tube produced but little irritation and
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This specimen, though a rare one, is by no means unique.
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puruleni matter, with predominance of the characters of either mucus or
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however, it was found to be highly albuminous. The patient went
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may be pursued with other forms of opiate. If the opiate be rejected from
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depend on the union of co-operating causes. Herein lies a truth of great
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The Trustees of the Building Fund beg leave to report to the
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