Handbucli der operativen Chirurgie. Von Dr. Julius Szyma-
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leave them to nature even where there is been used in cases of perforated stomach,
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and the unfavorable course of the malady. The finding of the
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In certain cases complications may arise such as cardiac
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patient with a localized abscess is in immi- the tube takes place and there is formed a
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cyanosis of the mucosa of the mouth, dyspnoea and rapid
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Rudolf (Bri/isk Medical 'Journal) says ly odorless, and there is no trace of tar
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the identity and even the relationship of the two affections.
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has been diseased for some time. In advanced cases, instead
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fection. The virus of the epizootic disease is ordinarily intro-
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this occasion, all I had previously published (cf. Lancet, 1868, p. 415, and the
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manner: The requisite quantity of bisulphate of quinine is dissolved in
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duction of the normal vitality and later the constitution and tendency to disease isespe-
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the ideal doctor, and each of you ought to ways believed that you had probably the
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employed in doses of half a drachm of the bicarbonate with two
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6. Evans. On a horse disease in India known as "surra,"
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matters ; and we really think that it would be much better for all practi-
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combined and alone, were tried, and gradually the whole list of febri-
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though most radical method as suggested by Smith is the total
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A purulent infiltration into the subcutaneous tissue at the point of
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folded so as to be half an inch wide r at the part placed over the lip
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coughing as much as possible. Should the bleeding continue,
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they are distinctl)- larger than the parasites within the tissues,
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ists, the friends, and even the patient himself, anxious as they are
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in a deadly campaign. With no hope of victory, with no pomp and circum-
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ordinarily a cerebral paralysis; but in some cases, a spinal par-
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anaesthesia. Local stimulants also occasionally effect a great
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of a sporadic case should be considered in the light of the dis-
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