Infant Mortality in Brooklyn. — In an effort to ascer-
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All persons zvitl be entitled to compete for the prise
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which he deems the most important one, the gain to the student of having
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as we were stirc that we had a localized abscess on
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tions on this subject were made by ^Nlorgagni, ]N[orand, and Seron, and
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the pulse and temperature and the general condition
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cent, lysol. Temperature is measured with great care by introducing a
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could not be done as she was of the poorer class and
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tures incubated for two additional hours, at the end
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Washington D. C, for a continuation of the course of
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preciate its value, on the contrary it may explain the
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is, however, not so erratic as some maintain, and careful observation of each
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gust 26th, Professor William James, of Harvard Univer-
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oculated three healthy adults Avith small amounts of dead bacilli, Ave
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action, outweigh all the attenuated spinnings of the
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to be remarked that autopsies show some of the fractures already united
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nomics of the Rodent and Human Fleas. Public Health
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Infancy, Incubation and Artificial Feeding, and Abnormalities of the
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be thoroughly cleansed with hot water and soft soap, scrubbed, and dis-
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of the spread of tuberculous infection to internal or-
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new phases of the conditions which confront the in-
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centres having acquired a vicious habit do not recover their normal con-
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Register, Edward C, Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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early in the morning and sometimes after breakfast. At
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during the year. It is not long ago that the active
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in toxaemias was due to a catarrhal swelling of the
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cation of the Americai> Medical .\ssociation abiuit
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Jewxix reports five successful cases. Noting the reports of Aufrecht (one
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that, owing to the rigidity of the psoas and iliacus
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Tenderness existed in all cases to a more or less marked degree in the
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Transactions of the Seventh Annual Conference of State
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5 and 6 — Horizontal parts of main frames. 7 — Carriage for
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errors which may be made in the diagnosis of chalazion when accompanied
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have noted iii all these cases — namely, anisocytosis. Save
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times three and four attacks in between. She had never
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Case VIII. — Mrs. T., aged forty-five years, has sufiered from dysp-
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medical profession through its great representative
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a clear yellow serous fluid were withdrawn. On admis-