extracts. His version of Tibullus is sometimes happy,

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without change, although a few may disappear spontaneously, leaving faint

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form the eruption consists chiefly of " circular clusters of vesicles, not

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hold in cases where outward applications are alone concerned. Thus

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correct diagnosis, and to stop the administration of the offending drug

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other hand, the voices sometimes reply to the patient's thought, and

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both forearms from an inch or more below the point of the elbow down

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results in some cases ; this is a drachm of precipitated sulphur adminis-

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and opposed. I proposed a formal resolution at a meeting of the British Medical Association

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example, the eyelids, as in the case just mentioned, or the genital

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them are still punished informally by disfavour, and even by ostracism

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records of the last two and a half years at the London Hospital tend

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cliniques sur la grande hystirie. Paris, 1891. — 27. Skey. Lectures on Hysteria.

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Trans. Med.-Chir. Soc. vol. lxix. 1886, p. 291. "With coloured plate and bibliography.—

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b. Adjustment of Object. The material to be examined is

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sentative exhibits when he squanders upon luxuries in a fortnight the

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resemble those of general paralysis. Syphilitic and other thickenings

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face is involved, including a P. mitis and a P. formicans (neither very clearly

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(iv.) it may occur simultaneously with H. zoster in the same individual.

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Tinea tonsurans presents a great variety of clinical appearances.

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opinion that the organism found by Drs. Savill and Russell is derived

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due to his state of health ; but if the change is more marked he may

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The digestion is usually disordered. The teeth are commonly defective;