Table VIII. Conjugate Pairs of Proton Donors and Acceptors
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means of instruments, such as penholders, which fasten to the fingers,
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attached to the hair-shaft, but never in the substance of the hair itself.
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— namely, the flattening and burnishing of a very small area of skin —
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having a wax-like translucence, and showing a small depression or white
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tious, but non-stimulating ; and alcohol is certainly most deleterious.
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act for the better regulating the practise of apothe-
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coagulating, dropsical fluid, which forms a striking contrast with the
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after another in a family becoming affected : of nurses communicating
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antagonist of the muscle (tibialis anticus) and the abductors of the foot
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noteworthy for the extreme severity of the pain. The area occupied by
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voluntary facial movements may be hampered by the spasms. The
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tively short space of time (500 or more per day), certain modifi-
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have been described by Buchwald, Touton, Pospelow, Bronson, Elliot,
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vanquished and embarrassed rival, "by no means be told
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in the same individual ; (ii.) it is usually bilateral, whereas bilateral
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papular affections, and to restrict it to one specific form of disease —
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the unknown. If these vague and illusory fears stiffen into delusion the
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soft parts ensues. No structure seems to resist the ravages of the
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weak acids) of the titrated system and reagent and on the dilution.
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say to having their love-sickness doctored in this summary
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tions is quick, and is easily quickened by stimulation ; the sphygmo-
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rudimentary or imperfect hairs ; either those which are in early stages
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abnormal forms include oval-shaped cells, those looking
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be liberal, nutritious, and at the same time easily digestible ; and in
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relation to the effects of the tubercle bacillus is often implied, and'
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whose concern for culture survives to this day in the college
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influence of religion is therefore a very powerful social influence ; it is one
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the matrix should be frequent. The neighbourhood of the nail is very
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the race in the bed-room than to that in the stable. Fre-
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attention; their capacity for improvement is limited by their cranial
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child to have a small wound on the foot, a part where pathogenetic
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this time that Paracelsus had the soul of a quack^ though he
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for being unable to cure himself of one of the most depress-
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the marking on the paper has not turned brown, the article may
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of our " criminal psychologists " are encouraging many sorts of prurient
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art serves to strengthen the muscles which are mainly concerned ; and
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perhaps quite unsuspected, as being the usual primary source of secondary
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pipettes are calibrated for drainage and which for blow-
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relation to blood transfusion. Recipient and donor should belong
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make up for lost time. This leads to restlessness and over-action.
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form of daemons of abominable aspect ; the explosive gases
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cephalus. One of the most marked cases under our care was in a boy
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balls, and all sorts of ornaments; after which it is slaugh-
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called in question, but is attested by such observers as Laycock and
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to pregnancy ; for whereas some patients lose their psoriasis during their
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Changes in the systems subserving organic life. — (i.) Circulatory