of Chicago Alumni Association, holds yearly meetings. These meetings occur on the
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'<.^ Jll cleanln^-fn-place operations, the scrubbing U applied by the velocity
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brain by surgical measures. In this respect the special favorable conditions
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Medicine, Ophthalmics and Oculistical Clinics, Dermopathology and
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Twelve prizes of 2000fr. are awarded annually by the Government
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j. Washing. In s<^ operations the curd Is rimsed after mil ling ta^adjust the
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Abtiolb 18. — Officers of the Veterinary Department shall have a right to
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The scorbutic changes in the gums usually appear quite early in the course
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of the bladder remain wholly, or almost wholly, normal.
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regions (arm or leg muscles). We must also mention that disturbances of
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of nutrition caused by them in the peripheral nerves. It is possible that the
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U ttrSrtSi,t!i^i S2i?^l2]J™l; ?*W floX'M. xWcli'CMiiiM be sent.
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the other muscles supplied by the trigeminus (mylohyoid, buccinator, tensor
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referred to ; he should identify each part named, and he should con-
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and to the increased deposit of fat, but never reaction of degeneration. The
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to give diabetes insipidus the name of " diabetes inositus," in distinction from
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The entire process generally occupies several months. In mild cases, how-
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GAMGEE, MD., F.B.a, Braokenbury Professor of Physiology in the Victoria Universltyi
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Thomas Peregiine, M.D. Edin., 3, H al f -21 o on- street,
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tional manifestations occur very frequently and in an uncontrollable fashion,
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elevated, in spite of the constant muscular contractions, nor is the amount of
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The Membership, — Candidates for the Fiaal must prove their attend-
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the temperature — a symptom which has given rise to the term thermic fever.
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lasted some hours, or even one or two days, death occurs, often attended by
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Paralysis of Children (Spastic Infantile Hemiplegia
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gerous pulmonary disease or gastric ulcer ; but if we look more closely we shall
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hereditary muscular atrophy also show manifest signs of mental or even of
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b. NuR^er of Sample Cans. One sample can will usually be representative of the
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find absolutely no material external cause, in spite of careful inquiry. We
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physical philosophy. If the candidate has passed a preliminary
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tebral foramina. The accompanying diagram from Gowers (Fig. 154) makes
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Olinical Medicine, Operative Midwifery, Operative Surgery, and Prac-
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tor with a list of items making up the total weight, as stated on the can.
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lectures upon Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgezy are delivered weekly.
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condensed milk (whole or sklmh concentrated whole f^llk (for recanstltutlon); sweetiened
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gives a still greater number of different forms. We will here group together
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publicly at the University. Two members of the Faculty are the official'
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students pay this fee during at least twelve quarters.
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with considerable industry. The student will find it of great
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because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other
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Second Fart. — ^The candidate must pass in two, at least, of the
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