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believes in the use of heat in these affections, but

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the professor when the case is urgent, or the treatment doubtful.

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• At the time this lecture was written, the absurd idea that the education of a surgeon

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in a perfectly rational manner, and said he had no pain in the head,

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prices, and in a thoroughly satisfactory and artistic manner.

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hospital, does not rivet attention or excite reflection now as formerly.

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become almost constant when we first saw her, but was by no means

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sleep. Many of the cases had also slight sore throat; pulse full,

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For Catalogue, eto., address, W^. J. ASDALB, M. D., Seo'y, 8107 Penn Ave., Pitteburgh, Pa.

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Dr. Chamberlain wished to know whether in children, rheumatism

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Provisional Secretary T. C. Duncan, M.D., of Chicago.

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and had brought them very closely to our hearts. Of the fifty mem-

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April, after the battle of Iganie, where the Poles took many prisoners,

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sympathetic. In these cases we find spinal irritation or disturb-

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