a house disease, and that its prevalence would be diminished if every house

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estimated as causes of back pain and are not common causes of

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without counterbalancing disadvantage, is obtained by the free exhibition

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or less specific. It is probable that sprue exists in all tropical and sub-

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scrotum previously becoming adherent. The disease after a time spreads

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when there is involvement of the body wall, there is loss of appetite.

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the fore and hind legs, and on the neck and throat.

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nod to-night. I want to get this work done by twelve. I have to

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host. The latter is usually some fresh water mollusc or arthropod. This

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ration, none are fo eafy as poultices ; and of thefe

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Chief of Department of Radiology, Toronto General Hospital

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may lead to some amount of wasting. Hsematemesis may or may not be

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of fhip render their corrupted water lefs unhealthy

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by a pillow, a tube introduced into the rectum, packed round with tow,

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anaemia, Addison's disease, and scurvy. In such cases the intestinal

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usually show acute nephritis, with many haemorrhages in their substance.

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all food from the mouth, and to continue rectal feeding for a period of

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disappears. The joint usually completely recovers, but may be left

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and flatulence. Those affected with jaundice occasionally suffer from

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enters into the composition of the wall of the abscess cavity. The

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tion of residence in the endemic area. The negro is very little liable, and,

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the disease is primary. The symptoms are never characteristic, and,

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has lately rivalled Spain. It has been known for centuries that the fumes

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of ague, often have an enlarged liver, which remains large for many years

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patient. As a rule, the case should be treated on general principles.

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other hand, on the cessation of the acute symptoms of the algid stage,

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attack," whereas in reality it is a food debauch affecting the stomach. The

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We have seen that the virulence of tubercle bacilli can be entirely

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