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meat at dinner and supper on the Sunday. They noticed
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that day vessels leaving Hamburg carried cholera to other
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guinea-pigs which have survived the intraperitoneal injection
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the number of cases admitted during 1892 showed an in-
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do not believe that any plan of local disinfection is likely to
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provement. — Dr. F. Nicholson, a year ago, treated a woman,
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benefit of them, even in such form as they might be pre-
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character — whose acquaintance Mrs. Rodger has enabled us to
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to after discussion. The following were elected officers for
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Sir, — My attention has been called to a letter by Dr.
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Walter Foster, the Parliamentary Secretary of the Local Govern-
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<'ASE I. rUfflcnU Parturition : Child Resuscitated with Diffieidty ; <_'on-
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written German work on venereal diseases, unburdened with
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The ItaUan medical man whom 1 met in consultation informed me that
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usual string of misrepresentations and misstatements.
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Last November I determined on the first opportunity to try the
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referred to by Dr. Foy was experimented on in the Southern
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General of Civil Hospitals, Bengal for eight months on medical certifi-
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ease which the liquor law m^ry be systematically evaded In
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tion being undertaken, a clause should be inserted that after
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statements put before him, but to investigate the matter for
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matin or nuclein. The other substance occurring both in the
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applied to tlie disease was Ralph Hollinshed, in whose works
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highest mark was reached in the "sixties," and since that
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10. Among diseases of this class, an epidemic normally be-
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that the islanders are more susceptible than the visitors. If
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been adopted it would have cost the city two and a-halt
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whilst the rectiSed oil is colourless or yellowish, and has a
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erected public baths, which include brine, Turliish, and
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what is called Southern California is the part of the State-
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Revolution. Dr. Tronchin's name occurs very frequently in
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At a general meeting of the Hospitals Association held on
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cludes : " We cannot restore to life or health the many
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On January 29th and 30th the mother remained about the
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healthy. The os uteri was very patulous, and an erosion was felt on it
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higher up and will almost certainly have to be dealt with by a
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have small quantities of plain filtered water now and then, and it may