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the deltoid, etc. Fibrillary twitchings and electrical reaction of degeneration

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importance in diagnosis. They are often unequal, and also show a reflex im-

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The general nutrition of the body in neuralgia is especially impaired

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libronchiata; (B) Molliiscoida-*(a) Aseidioida, (6) Brachiopoda, (e)

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The subsequent management of convalescents from any form of sunstroke

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during two years at least after becoming a candidate, he has followed

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of arsenic are also used a great deal, particularly injections of cacod}date of

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eye, especially to the region corresponding to the paralyzed muscles. Great

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Bespiration is slow and superficial, and the patient may complain of suffoca-

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sicians, Ireland — Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland— Faculty of Phy-

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upon the presence of specific bulbar symptoms, such as disturbance of speech

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litus. The same may be said of pulmonary tuberculosis. In most cases the

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We know practically nothing of the setiology of most new growths in the

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Long, Elias Edwin, a, w, sp, Portland, Me. A.B. (Bowdoin C.) '35.

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generally rudimentary forms of the typical epileptic paroxysm, and consist

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from the fact that attacks of symptomatic migraine may also occur in

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■_oqvie^ort area |n France. Slue craase, a rgquefcrt-type cheese, is made in the United

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at end of year. Diseases of Women, Physical Diagnosis, Pathology,

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all forms and varieties of myeloid cells are found in the greatest profusion.

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insignificant in themselves, but potent because of their frequent repetition

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403. Research in Ophthalmology. — Research on (1) morphologic problems under

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perhaps of service. Internal remedies (strychnin, etc.) are probably quite

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metamerism) and the sensory areas supplied by the different spinal segments

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For further information, address the Dean, Dental Department*

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anterior cornua of the spinal cord on the one hand, and the spinal nerves and

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Physiology, 2iOology, and Experimental Physics. The schedule of

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