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Rhinoplasty, one of the most common elective surgical procedures,

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f On the Blood, pp. 77, 83, ed. 1834. ™ Essay on the Blood, p. 126, 8vo, Lond.

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from this cause saw glands swell where they are not commonly

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100,000 population of active tuberculosis in Newark was far

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which has been thrown out by the inflamed exhalant arteries,

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extent of about half an inch. The retracted ends appeared,

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about Ij inches transversely. It is covered by normal scalp.

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first time on September 23, 1 886. Symptoms commenced about

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temperature rose to 100° on the second day and gradually

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Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey or at the site of the

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not enter now into a description of her present illness.

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The conclusions generally held regarding the age of onset of puberty

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their choice. The American Medical Political Action Com-

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(J) Cosponsored the state-wide eye health screening pro-

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signs of affection of the cerebral nerves. Tactile sensibility in

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Oriff. Memh. Edis, Aethde W., M.D., Obstetric Physician to, and

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