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little giddiness after eating; palpitation at times — not less than at entrance;
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not unfrequenily the seat of incipient anchylosis, it must be a principle of
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for the past year was $110,000. The average cost per patient
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Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tubercu-
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" I will conclude this brief notice by earnestly calling the attention of the
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until a few weeks before graduation he had never heard of
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disease. The organs to which, with more or less reason,
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Of these I might mention the "depletory," the "cor-
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experienced thirteen attacks of the disease, eight of which had occurred to
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othfera careful histological examination might disclose
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tily perceptible and themselves perhaps pathological
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the patient for an operation, which had been decided upon, not only from
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of the Zeitschrift. He will still, however, continue to act as a colla-
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^blo State Medical Society, Cincinnati. May 8-10, 1901.
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first treatment; and had not the patient exposed herself, in all probability,
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benefit. The sore now presented a surface as large as a sixpence, and of
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The Thiersch method of skin grafting is often success-
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there (I would with great diffidence ask) any physiological difficulty in
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what concerns human beings. There is no doubt, too, but that a number of
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American Academy of Medicine. — ^The twenty-sixth an-
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autointoxication. It is not intended, however, to con-
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important features are the total quantity and the total solids.
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finger, and then succeeded in passing an aneurismal needle along the same
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he was taken with colic, vomiting and constipation, and the
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the brain, and to dilate again as soon as the immediate effect of blood-
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not been heretofore obtained. Our limits will not permit us to enter, at any
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destroy the cord, and then immediately on the removal
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and durable. At any time the surgeon can inspect the
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framed that it would be as much of a crime or a misdemeanor
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sacred. I promised him the certificate and he was satisfied, but was after-
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y^ not disposed to recommend it to you, unless the habit of the patient display
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Again, in groping for safe and infallible guides to
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tinctura opii. Revellents to the intestinal canal and the skin were not
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seven miles, between four and five o'clock in the morning, administered the
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tions, of which 15 were cured and 4 died; 23 of the amputations Avere of
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that she had been HI tor three or four days, complaining of aching
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the methods by which these effects may be neutralized
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timid and does not set these things aright, how is he
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lime, a pill containing a grain of calomel, and the same quantity of opium.
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who is willing to cross its threshold. The hospital is
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given way during a fit of coughing ; no pulsation In cord below
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