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of the skin. Perforation can occur through the skin, or into the trachea,

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this time was larger than a goose-egg, and its base

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In many cases there is excessive fluid in the joints, especially the wrists,

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lion of the food has been observed onl.v in the case of the parotid u'land,

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operator's hands cleansed with soap, water, and bichloride of mercury,

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at the ri^rht of it waves continue running over the vestihule. It is while

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Progiiosis. — As all the muscles in the body may be implicated, including

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the disease may take from several months to ten years to develop. Sharp

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with a striking similarity to the lesions of the disease under consideration.

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the earlier years of the war than has been here stated from docu-

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his thesis in the same year, grouped 23 instances under this heading. Wal-

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description it seems better to discuss symptoms referable to the different

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nephritis by specific bacterial products. Yet if microbic etiological factors

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tomy, resection of the kidney, and nephrectomy. If the ureter is narrowed

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gradual in one joint, others being slowly involved subsequently. A point

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dition may last for years, and death maj finally supervene, either by pyaemia

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and secondary cases the symptoms occur in the same general order, and

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of pyelitis, although in both they are more likely to occur when the infecting

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-■!>, the xentriele. The fni'iner cells, fur example, have much less

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The adult achondroplasics are remarkably strong, even when compared

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ciated with rheumatic fever, or being a manifestation of the rneumatic state.

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easily available, the writer believes that it may occasionally produce such an

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coucheur to the West)ninster General Dispensary ; Saville

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