aged 50, who had long suffered from the presence of an abdominal tumour. After
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gangrene and death speedily followed; and in the case of Dr. Morrison, where
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highly refractive spheroid bodies, which were afterwards found to be
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of life, this same cavernous angioma, in consequence of some
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The work of Mr. Power is remarkable for the number and
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normal eye increases the suffering of the diseased one, and that
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Towards the end of the year, the disease appears to have been
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stethoscope is loud, uninterrupted, loudest and often highest in its note at the
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important influence it has exerted upon the study of febrile diseases, and of the
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lower lobe of the left, ana the margins of the inferior lobe of the
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are completely segregated^ alid are subjected to irrational treat-
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1868.] Report on Toxicology, Foretuic Medicine, ^c. 256
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Foramen ovale open. Intestinal tube pale and bloodless. Milk
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of some little size, different degrees of heat may he obtained by moving
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Pleurisy with Effusion. — Some cases of pleurisy are
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tion, and rose to — 3 '6 in expiration . In the jugular vein ttom to — 3
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details of three cases of chorea and pregnancy associated. Of these cases one was
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mercury a fair trial. The result of these trials was given in the .Archives Gene-
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been performed in early life. Hence he considered the latter period more
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over these ashes, and its action assisted by heat. To this liquid, ammonia
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the muscle without actual separation of the outer and inner coat^ of
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affections of the mind, changes of temperature, errors in diet, &c. The dis-
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if we are to reason from them to the nature of coincident dis-
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Assistant-Physician to the Coombe Lying-in HospitaL John
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precincts; the supplying of pure water; the more effectual draining, and im-
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familiarize himself with the progressive changes of the callus. The division
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liable to follow active muscular work undertaken too soon
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more productive. In consequence of the extremely modified climate of the
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following, viz., cauterization, dilatation, division of the sphincter muscle, or
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almost constantly affected, it is extremely difficult to institute in the great ma-
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and a half upward from the stomach. In the intervening space no trace of it
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