prostration which accompanies it. The symptoms of the two conditions

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refrigerator. To minimize the effects of evaporation in

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independently by Canon, which is believed to be the specific cause of

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••In reading the reactions in centrifuged tubes special attention should be given to any

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minutes. To prevent drying of bacteria on the sides of

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will not necessarily prevent the reader, especially if he never

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The headquarters of the Institute will be at the International

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many of this patient's symptoms were due to anemia, and that

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maternal blood are, so to speak, pumped or passed into the foetal tissue ; the toxine

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the cerebral symptoms are accompanied with marked disturbances

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For coma, strong coffee has been recommended. Blisters have also

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over-indulgence in the liquors sold in the saloons and grog-shops.

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well diluted ; and when the conditions requiring its use have dis-

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itself. The patient had a moderately good getting-up, no new

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little deeper than in the previous year. This plate was taken

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because the drop of blood quickly takes the temperature

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meniscus back exactly to the mark by touching the tip of

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(4) Growth only on the half with blood and showing dis-

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Recognizing the fact that " there are millions in it," a class of

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may be mistaken for a severe feverish cold. When a person has been

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as above. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of proper

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In November when she returned to the clinic there was a

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in a comparatively brief space, the terseness and intelligibility

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fevers, both from the clinical and pathological standpoint ; and the matter

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torted, the spirals often obliterated, so that the charac-

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circulation. These become arrested in the organs to which they are first

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others such as A. aerogenes and Salmonella species.

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puerperal cases. Abscesses in the kidneys usually give rise to pain and

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at the other, and atheromatous degeneratiou of the arteries be-

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sentiment to put a stop to this revolting " industry," and public

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for two weeks ; her doctor had wisely recommended to her

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radiation over a period of time may also produce in the tissues