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sulting in the well-known ulcers and inflammations which destroy life.

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In the lungs are found morbid lesions in nearly all cases of typhoid

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lymph-sheaths, and pus has been found in the internal ear as well as in

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ommended (Jaksch). Carbolic acid, iodin, and other antiseptic agents

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Mayer's Theory — McCaskay's Suggestions — Relationship between Dia-

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Butter contains 3 protein and 92 fat. Of course, in milk and

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in the form of salts, and has an alkaline effect. Again, the

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responds to its influence only to a very slight extent.

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Occurs first on the face. On the hiinds and feet. In wheals on arms and legs.

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large intestines — i. e. in the cecum and colon. Perforation of the

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