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sion may take place suddenly, and cause death by its interference with res-
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Treatment. — The treatment consists in removing the nail with fine
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be no laceration of the capsule, or the opening may be small, or large.
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Differential Diagnosis. — Renal calculi may be confounded with neuralgia ;
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degenerated, they obstruct the outward current of blood and give rise to
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tion. The bruit heard over the tumor was distinct and upon operation
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an ulcerating process. In some cases, the ulcerating process may con-
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to form one murmur, can, in the majority of cases, be readily distinguished
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is due to catarrh of the stomach, the result of passive hyperaemia of the mu-
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later, wlien the so-called "waxy diarrhoea" sets in, there are pale mucous
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mittent; in yellow fever it is rarely over 110 ; the temperature is 105° or
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testinal walls. If the caecum is perforated, faecal abscesses may form in the
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ical means ; but the membrane will reappear as soon as the removal is
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times developed around the capsule of the kidney and in the pelvis of
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collapse, to contract toward its base near the spinal column, in the same
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is ruptured in its lower portion, while the muscles attached to the
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forms, a small tablet containing 1.41-50 grains, which when dissolved in
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we disinfect or sterilize the cultures. By properly applying those prin-
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0. Coagulation Xccrosis. — In this variety of necrosis the cells of a tissue
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Eruption. — Some have claimed that this should be considered as a lesion
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Great diminution in the quantity of urine is an unfavorable symptom, as
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the echinococcus removed, and then by its booklets it bores its wav from
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two hours to the adult (two grains may be given to a child two years of
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much changed, while in fevers there is great thirst and repugnance for
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portion of the inflamed area dies, caries of the surrounding bone