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of other valves. Pulmonary insufficiency should show the increase of

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These abnormalities are less marked, and almost absent in records obtained

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eight instances of definite records in years subsequent to the year of

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ventricular node. This interference may be sufficient to block the

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used at home. Lippert and Sandow advise artificial carbonic-acid

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been particularly rich in the necessary vitamins, or the patient may

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irregularly dilated, but, as Greenfield UH points out, a similar enlarge-

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mally slow at night. The evidence seems to me to show without doubt

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rarily increased. Since the cell count has become normal, the patients

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report an outbreak in an Italian family in which the mother, after a

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sickness showed that during this illness the excretion of phenolsul-

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ture usually assumed was that of a cretin. Bapid wasting took place

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and one of meningitis. The variations in blood pressure in the fifty-

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thigh ; there was probably irritation of the anterior crural and long

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over-action of the muscular tissues, both cardiac and arterial, was

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There is a distinct relation of consequence between chronic Bright' s

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energetic action of the abdominal walls ; the arms were bent at the

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not progress, but arrest of development — in a word, a stereotype.

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This 10 c.c. can therefore rarely contain more than 0.5 mg. glucose.

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which relief of the difficulties was secured in consequence of insuffi-

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In the case of aneurysms of the systemic arteries direct overstrain

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The facts collected by the committee of the Clinical Society from a

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gland and of the epithelium which lines them — a change which must

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Evidence of stasis in the lungs shows itself first upon exercise or

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arm vein into a paraffined syringe and centrifugalizing it, by prefer-

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phur retention increased 20.99 per cent., phosphorus 43.59 per cent.,