action of certain medicines is obtained by injection into the cellular

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throat to the cavity of the tympanum. It contains and conveys air

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disease, violent vomiting and collapse may be excited by ursemic intoxi-

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be cited the frequency with which gout occurs among the elderly and

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tation of the skin in some cases. The termination is usually from uraemia

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The pharmacist must be registered, else he cannot put up your medi-

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than its land and building in Barcla\- street, and that

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seized upon by the kidneys and excreted. We may conceive that the

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bear witness to a more advanced stage of disease; they may have a granular

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with his advanced years interfered with his continued

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result from pressure of the shoe or boot on the outside of the great

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irritation, generally on the inside of the great toe, and while the

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produced by the rubbing against eacli other of the roughened peri-

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Exposure. — There is a prevalent impression that exposure to cold

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ticity and firmness all their own, but in disease this firmness may be

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sacrum is behind and on the sides and front are two large, broad,

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exciting cause of the disease in persons in whom there is no history

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Tables I. and lY., given below. The dishes there given and other

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before nor during the heated term. All mothers who can should

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It is especially to this class of i^rimary trophic troubles that the

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ous and well known that few words are necessary to be said

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3. Traumatic causation of the disease (psychic or corporeal in-

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uncomfortable erections, with nocturnal emissions. Herpetic erup-

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and which correspond to Haversian canals which have been laid open.

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presence of an excess of uric acid in the blocd and elseAvhere must be

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and add to the dose one drop a day until eight or ten are taken. If

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more than doubled ; and since then it has continued

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certain kinds of albumin only, while they are absent in the decom-

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Case VII. — A man, ?et. 44, had rheumatic fever when he was 28

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swollen and rigid ; their color may vary from a dark red to brown-

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formation returns to the normal and increases again in later years,

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thirteen powders, equal to 390 grains. Is now free from pain; the

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with backward pressure and chronic congestion. When no uratic sediment

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pancreatic juice which emulsifies them. Emulsified fats form a thick

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Unable to exercise himself, the patient is confined to an armchair,

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renders the sufferer liable to disturbance and the recurrence of some

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ally witnessed among broken-down old people, specially those of the