The poisonous agent in cheese has been variously described as

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It has been stated by one of the highest authorities (Dr. Wide) on the

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Fig. 9. — A view of the Pehisy with Chasers Fentro-lnguinal Block

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day, and it is almost certain that typhus is caused by a micro-organism,

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attacked, the anterior portion is generally affected ; in the soft palate the

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red pimples, which are visible for a day and then fade, without even

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the symptoms of the second stage are increased ; the patient makes vio-

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Among other diseases caused by smallpox, I have seen, more than once,

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tended by Dr. Cutter; and one at Cam bridge port, Mass. , formeW/of

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the bladder or the pelvis of the kidney warts have an appearance not unlike

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ture maintaining the excess of 1*5 or 2° which it gained by commencing

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with popular error and prejudice, the inflamed organ was bound up, be-

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excavated, forming a deep ulcer with raised nodular edges. In other cases

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Six pounds of matter entered the system - daily ; five pounds wale

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When ammonium sulphide is added to ordinary blood, the oxyhsemoglobin

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The dose is a relative thing, but generally, for an emetic, f3ij. or fsiij.

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some of the fountains, owing to the abrasion of the coat of tin, with

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pain than that of the ordinary form of peridental inflammation, and sup-

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efforts were made to renew the stock by obtaining a fresh strain of

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him thirty grains of calomel are vaporised by a smaU spirit lamp. The

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nntinue to show largo numbers of extraneous germs, necessitating

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the Royal Academy of Medicine, Paris," contains a well-writen mono-

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and the rate timed so that the hands reach the lower chest at the end of the

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9uAeienl attention will be paid to Practical Anatomy.

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between the tops of the ilii or the hip bones, and the axilla or am

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learn again the movements by the aid of vision ; gradual transitions from

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then the slightest quantity of manipulation is necessary ; the patient

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Philadelphia in the person of a little girl, who died in about a fortnight

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Those who receive the Journal through the agency of booksellers whose names

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malignant disease of the biliary apparatus, and so forth, but in youths there

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semia or determination of blood to the part opposite the lesion. This

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usually occurs in from twelve to forty-eight hours. Death has occurred in

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Virginia, is perhaps more close than to any other springs of great re-

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.by many merely as a local catarrh grafted on an ordinary febricula. An

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temperature while the air is being blown through. It is found that the