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and the Vice-President of the Privy Council. They laid before the

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Edye, Exeter; Mr. John Gamgee, London ; i he Secretary oi 1"= 1

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of natural history is among the obligations of the future."

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beginning of their second Winter Session, enter to both Hospital and

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Urinary Stricture. Of these, 20 liad been submitted to Syme's opera-

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tween the ages of sixteen and nineteen, for whom a good education

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the present w-ork, viz., a chronological list of Fellows, commencing

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softish masses, like tubercle, which must have been deposits of pus, not

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nominated in case of war, and are selected mostly from the professors

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making other arrangements for the opening of the hospital, it was

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rivers, we shall find their courses characterised by high mortality dis-

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dwellings, under strict and constant ofiicial inspection. " In eveiy

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_ Jervis Street Hospital is one of the oldest of the Dublin Infirma-

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meeting of the College, on Monday, October I7lh, the following gen-

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others. The discharges from the bowel and kidney arc received, on

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were 10 and 6. On the 27th, the numbers in Barcelona and Alicante showed

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except Saturday, 10 A.M.; Practice of Medicine, Dr. Freke, Monday,

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mortem examination was obtained. — In a third case, J. \V., aged 53, a

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one would think of sending the patients to the seaside. — Mr. Ellis

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of such addresses. I take it, however, that it is required of me to em-

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various bodies included in the vote for the kindness with which they

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The demeanour of the students plainly indicated a stormy meeting.

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was no trace of fungus now, but many fish-roe-like particles, apparently

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raised two or three feet. A number of such wooden houses are arranged